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0.2-0.8mm*1250 SLitting Line

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1. For thick sheet slitting machine, strength and solidity is very important. We take much attention to metal coil slitter's structure design and coil slitting machine's material usage, for example: portal style coil-head guide and press, dual-body scrap reeler, five-roller tensioner for recoiling, portal-style coils pressing & separating bracket, etc.

2. Double cone-mandrel decoiler, not only to bear big coils such as 35T or 40T, but also convenient for loading coil onto the decoiler.

3. Coil-loading car has support platform with twp rotatable rollers at edge edges, while loading coil onto double-cone decoiler, on one hand, solidly support a big coil; on the other hand, double rollers on coil car platform rotate synchronously with decoiling mandrel.

4. Strength of all rollers and shafts increase with steel strip thickness.

5. Dual-body scrap winders are driven by two torque motors and two speed reducers.

6. Recoiling tensioner of the metal coil slitter, or sheet slitting line,adopts solid five-roller tensioning structure, providing stable and even tension for recoiling.

7. Coils pusher is installed on recoiler, to push coils out whiling discharging slit coils.

8. AC motors and speed reducers drive pinch-feeder & five-roller leveler and five-roller tensioner, while DC motors & speed reducers drive slitter and recoiler.

9. Coil slitting machine's electric control: Parker Eurotherm 590 speed controller + PLC control. 


Specification parameters
  • Applied to: cold-rolled steel, color plates, tinning plates and so on
  • Quality of material: High quality steel of China or the international standard steel.
  • Tensile strength: δb≤450Mpa,δS≤260Mpa
  • Thickness: 0.3-2 mm
  • Width: 1250mm(Max)
  • Coil I.D: φ508
  • Coil O.D: φ1200mm(Max)
  • Capacity: 5T(Max)
  • Knife pivot diameter of slitting: φ150
  • Slitting  blade: φ150Xφ250X15, 8pcs
  • Material of slitting blade: 6CrW2Si
  • Hardness of blade: HRC58°—60°;
  • Recoiler I.D: 508mm

Finished parameter:
  • width precision: ≤±0.05mm

Other parameters
  • Power:380V/50Hz/3Phb.
  • Line speed: 0-40m/min
  • Dimension: 20m (L)X 5m(W)
  • operator needed: 1 technician and 2 general workers
  • Production orientation: from left to right(the operation table face the machines)


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0_2_0_8mm_1250 SLitting Line

0_2_0_8mm_1250 SLitting Line