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Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

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According to customers' specific demands, we design and manufacture ridge cap forming machines with different specifications. This machine mainly includes decoiler, roll former, cutter, hydraulic pump station, product stable, and control cabinet, etc.

The frame of the ridge cap forming machine adopts formed steel construction and after welded, this machine utilizes integrity processing technology. It enjoys rational and beautiful structure, strong carrying ability, and stable and reliable performance. The forming roller of this machine is designed by professional technicists. The machine undergoes high precision processing and heat treatment before chromeplate. So this machine is characterized by high forming precision and long service life. 


The main components of this device are from products of famous brands, thus ensuring the whole performance and quality. Controlled by PLC, this machine is easy to operate, thus workers without special training can operate it very well. This equipment is convenient to debug, and enjoys low noise and high efficiency.

Operation and Points That Need Attention:
The ridge cap forming machine is totally controlled by PLC. So only by inputting related production data such as number of products, length and punching dimension, users can start this machine to proceed manufacturing. If users want to adjust this machine or something else, they have to stop the machine first and carry out relevant operation.

Maintenance and Lubrication:
Users should regularly add lubricant oil to chains of chainwheel, bearings and speed reducer, etc. And the forming rollers should be kept clean.

Transportation and Packing:
This kind of machine should adopt nude packaging and container transport.

Parameters of the Machine:
1. Suitable material: galvanized coils and colored steel coils, etc.
2. Suitable thickness: 0.3-0.8mm
3. Forming specifications: depending on specific requirements of customers
4. Forming speed: 10-15m/min
5. Main motor power: 3-5.5Kw (depending on specific requirements of users)
6. Hydraulic punching: no wastes cutting in hydraulic station
7. Hydraulic station power: 3Kw (depending on specific requirements of users)
8. Control system: PLC systems from Mitsubishi and Panasonic products, electrical appliances of famous brands




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Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine